Friday, May 20, 2011

Seriously sexy RocKin TeeZ treasury picks:

So I LOVE Etsy! I have two shops on Etsy where I sell all my stuff. One of my favorite things about the site is TREASURY!  I love to go threw and see all the different items people pick.

In my first Treasury for my new Etsy shop: "RocKin TeeZ Shop Here "

My theme for all the items I picked was just the idea of everything seriously rocker chic HOT! I love me some skin tight leather skinny jeans, OR some super sexy knee high leggings. The extremely HOT and sexy bumps I featured on here, well there are just no words for these. The chick that makes these is a damn gifted artist and one day I sure as hell would love to rock those! If anything on here catches your eye or you would just like a closer look at all the great items I picked go head and check my treasury out at RocKin TeeZ damn SEXY treasury !

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