Sunday, May 15, 2011

RocKin TeeZ Store now open on Etsy!

I have been working for a few weeks now on some really cute reconstructed t-shirts/hoodies. I am in the works of having an amazing and very talented friend of mine "Olivia Sahagun Photography" do a photo shoot with a good friend of mine in these beautiful shirts!

If you are interested in spicing up that dull closet of yours or looking for a great new t-shirt to add to your already amazing wardrobe I recommend my

RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed T-shirts or Hoodies

I take a dull and boring men or women over sized t-shirt and with a bit of imagination and shredding! Come up with some seriously cute and sexy t-shirts,mini skirt dresses etc!

Each item turns out to be one of a kind ! If you want to send me your favorite 80's rock band shirt or just a over sized t-shirt that you just can't seem to throw away but can't wear out cause it just to boring. I charge 10$ plus shipping cost per shirt you send in. If you would rather have a new unworn item that I purchase then reconstruct visit my Etsy shop here RocKin TeeZ.
 Each of my RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed t-shirts will be a hit anywhere you go in it!

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  1. I love your blog layout <3 so excited for your new venture !!!