Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everything you will ever need for your makeup bag and more!

I love eye shadow and I really LOVE mineral eye shadow. There are so many great seller on Etsy that have so many different shades to pick from,it's like being a kid in a candy store! There is even more than just eye shadow there are all kinds of lip products,glitter vials,foiling mix,eye shadow primers and more. Anything you need to add to your make up bag you can find, and not only that but almost all are organic or vegan. I even added some seriously cute make up bags and a custom compact mirror! Check out my newest Etsy treasury for some great comsetic finds at What's in your makeup bag ?

Also for great reviews,advice and awesome giveaways check out my good friend G's Makeup Gets Me High TM

Friday, May 20, 2011

Seriously sexy RocKin TeeZ treasury picks:

So I LOVE Etsy! I have two shops on Etsy where I sell all my stuff. One of my favorite things about the site is TREASURY!  I love to go threw and see all the different items people pick.

In my first Treasury for my new Etsy shop: "RocKin TeeZ Shop Here "

My theme for all the items I picked was just the idea of everything seriously rocker chic HOT! I love me some skin tight leather skinny jeans, OR some super sexy knee high leggings. The extremely HOT and sexy bumps I featured on here, well there are just no words for these. The chick that makes these is a damn gifted artist and one day I sure as hell would love to rock those! If anything on here catches your eye or you would just like a closer look at all the great items I picked go head and check my treasury out at RocKin TeeZ damn SEXY treasury !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed Hoodie Giveaway!

Ok so here are the VERY simple rules to win an AMAZING one of a kind RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed Hoodie T-shirt! Simply follow these rules:

1. Giveaway ends when I reach 60 FANS AND FOLLOWERS on both my BLOG and FACEBOOK page. Ya'll have till May 31'st to get your referral numbers up !

2. Leave a comment if you want to enter, follow my blog and let me know your follower name.

3.Spread the word, the person who brings in the most FOLLOWERS/FANS wins! All you gotta do is share this with as many FB/BLOG fans as you can, tell them to LIKE/FOLLOW both my FB/BLOG and leave a comment on BOTH pages that you sent them.

Here is an example of what you will receive, all of my items turn out different and are one of a kind!

Now go to the right of the PAGE and FOLLOW, don't forget to leave a comment with your username.

Like my FB page here : RocKin TeeZ FB page

Also check out my ETSY Shop here : RocKin TeeZ Etsy Shop

RocKin TeeZ Store now open on Etsy!

I have been working for a few weeks now on some really cute reconstructed t-shirts/hoodies. I am in the works of having an amazing and very talented friend of mine "Olivia Sahagun Photography" do a photo shoot with a good friend of mine in these beautiful shirts!

If you are interested in spicing up that dull closet of yours or looking for a great new t-shirt to add to your already amazing wardrobe I recommend my

RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed T-shirts or Hoodies

I take a dull and boring men or women over sized t-shirt and with a bit of imagination and shredding! Come up with some seriously cute and sexy t-shirts,mini skirt dresses etc!

Each item turns out to be one of a kind ! If you want to send me your favorite 80's rock band shirt or just a over sized t-shirt that you just can't seem to throw away but can't wear out cause it just to boring. I charge 10$ plus shipping cost per shirt you send in. If you would rather have a new unworn item that I purchase then reconstruct visit my Etsy shop here RocKin TeeZ.
 Each of my RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed t-shirts will be a hit anywhere you go in it!