Sunday, May 15, 2011

RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed Hoodie Giveaway!

Ok so here are the VERY simple rules to win an AMAZING one of a kind RocKin TeeZ Reconstructed Hoodie T-shirt! Simply follow these rules:

1. Giveaway ends when I reach 60 FANS AND FOLLOWERS on both my BLOG and FACEBOOK page. Ya'll have till May 31'st to get your referral numbers up !

2. Leave a comment if you want to enter, follow my blog and let me know your follower name.

3.Spread the word, the person who brings in the most FOLLOWERS/FANS wins! All you gotta do is share this with as many FB/BLOG fans as you can, tell them to LIKE/FOLLOW both my FB/BLOG and leave a comment on BOTH pages that you sent them.

Here is an example of what you will receive, all of my items turn out different and are one of a kind!

Now go to the right of the PAGE and FOLLOW, don't forget to leave a comment with your username.

Like my FB page here : RocKin TeeZ FB page

Also check out my ETSY Shop here : RocKin TeeZ Etsy Shop


  1. I am definitely in, i want a Rockin Tee!!! =o)

  2. Who doesnt love giveaways? Im following you blog, my name is Veronica

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  4. Thanks so much girls, make sure to follow my FB as well and send as many friend's as you can the one with the most referrals wins the hoodie!

  5. Very cute.. Im a follower - ramblings of a part time druid

  6. I LOVE your stuff SOOOO much! I am a proud follower on FB too- Melissa Bono